We are in the business of caring. We’re not a typical law firm. Period.
We run our law practice like a service-centered organization. The quality of our service differentiates us from others. We designed our firm with service excellence at the core. We emphasize understanding your needs and offering value so we can make a meaningful difference and a significant contribution to your life.
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Who we are in numbers and letters

LGTON LAW is a collective of experts that provide exceptional legal services. We see breakthrough solutions when others see never ending problems or complications. We have built our credibility through our years of practice. We have a strong reputation gained through our uncompromising values, authenticity, integrity and genuine compassion for clients. And yes, we hate legal jargon too. So we’ll do our best to avoid using them.

Here’s an idea of who we are in numbers and letters.

233 Years

This represents our combined experience in providing legal services measured in years. We are a collective force, we rely on each other’s strengths to help give you the best legal advice.

35 Years

The age of our youngest partner when he was admitted to the partnership. His name is Karl Landoy. He graduated from the University of the Philippines. When he is not working, you might probably see him at the beach or in a Japanese restaurant. Check out his Instagram!

0 Hours

The number of hours our lawyers are required to work in the office during weekends. Life-work balance is a serious matter in our firm.

2208 Hours

The total number of hours per year the members of the firm work on their personal advocacies.


The acronym of the country’s most respected and reputable lawyers who founded the firm.

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