We need to deeply understand our clients to serve them. What do they really want? How do they truly feel? Here you’ll find some testimonials from our clients that attest to our expertise and quality of our service. The testimonials are valuable feedback that allows us to serve our clients better.

Here’s the evidence of our quality service and expertise.


It is a privilege to be a client of Atty. Norman Golez’s team during the challenging time of my professional career. My legal counsel who stood with me to protect my interests and guided me through the lengthy and complex legal process. I appreciate the amazing legal work the firm did on my behalf. Job well done and thank you for your and your team’s remarkable passion at work and professionalism.

– Edwin Galvez, Chairman, Globalport 900, Inc.

I still remember how wonderful a lawyer you were to me in 2007 and 2008, to me and Hayden when he had the scandal. You were amazing in a sense that you thought very clearly, strategized so well and implemented well. All the time you kept holding my hand, making me feel safe and that everything would be okay. I’m so happy you’ll be able to do this for other people as well.

– Dr. Vicki Belo, Founder, CEO and Medical Director, Belo Medical Group

I have nothing but the highest praise for Attorney Rafael “Raffy” Alfonso C. Garcia and his partners and associates at LGTON Law. Over the years, Attorney Raffy has provided tremendous legal guidance as our conglomerate has grown at a steadfast pace. Each unique situation has been handled with the utmost care and professionalism. With his vast experience and confident presence, I feel assured that my legal matters will be resolved in a favorable manner. Moreover, the personal attention that is afforded to me and my company always leaves an impression that I am nothing other than a valuable client. If you are seeking top-notch legal services, your search should stop at the offices of LGTON Law.

– Dr. Steve Mark Gan, President & CEO, GAOC Group of Companies

Atty. Garcia and his firm have been handling my legal needs for over 10 years. Any issue, big or small, I can trust them to care for my best interests and get the job done.

– Bianca King, Actress/Entrepreneur

We have worked with LGTON for nearly 5 years already and we consider them an important partner in guiding our business. Trust is an integral part of our relationship and Lead Partner, Jayjay Puno, with her team have consistently provided excellent advice and guidance. We welcome more years of partnership with them.

– Aida Garcia, President, Dane International Commodities Inc.

LGTON Law gives unique and out of the box, but most of all wining propositions.

– Dr. Anthony Golez, Executive Director, Infant and Pediatric Nutrition Association of the Philippines 

Atty. Raffy Garcia is everything you need a lawyer to be – honest, practical, thorough, and dependable. His command of the law perfectly compliments his dedication and genuine concern for clients. It always feels like a win working with him.

– Rissa Mananquil  Trillo, Model/Writer/Entrepreneur

Atty. Norman Golez for your info is the favorite lawyer of not only the late Ricky Lo of Philippine Star but also Lolit Solis. Atty. Norman Golez is not only professional, trustworthy, but also very sensitive to the needs of his clients. We feel so safe facing the libel case filed against our group because Atty. Norman Golez gave us not only the best legal assistance, but the emotional strength we needed that time because we are being bullied by the complainant. If ever, I will not face any legal problems, ‘pag hindi si Atty. Golez ang lawyer. Kasi with him, feeling winner na agad ako. Believe me.

– Lolit Solis, Entertainment Journalist

Norman is a steady and reliable legal advisor who is always on top of every aspect of a pending matter. He is a persistent and zealous advocate and will not stop until he delivers a good outcome for his client.

– Raymond K.H. See, President of Alliance Select Foods International Inc.

Atty. Dado has been rendering valuable legal services to us since the time we was welcomed to PascualLab. He is most trusted “go-to-lawyer” for our legal concerns because we can count on him to provide legal perspectives, with his stamp of personal care and attention.

As our retainer counsel and Corporate Secretary, we recognise Atty. Dado’s contribution to PascualLab’s legal and regulatory compliance requirements. He attends to our requests promptly, and takes the time to listen to our opinions and concerns.

We greatly appreciate Atty. Dado for his commitment to our company, and the role he plays in helping PascualLab attain its organisational and business objectives.

– Mia Pascual Cenzon, VP Corporate HROD, Design Services and Corporate Communications, Pascual Laboratories, Inc.

Hiring LGTON Law on a retainer is one of the best business decisions I ever made. Now I can focus more on running my business knowing LGTON Law will deal with all my legal requirements, be it contracts, taxes and licenses, or legal advice. For all my legal issues and questions, I can, and do call LGTON Law partners and associates 24/7. With LGTON Law I have the peace of mind that someone’s always looking after my best interest.

– Roland D. Tan, Vice President, Westmont Industrial Sales Inc.

Atty. Jayjay Onrubia-Puno, Atty. Norman Golez , Atty. Raffy Garcia and Atty. Paola Labajo are my guardian angels. These fine group of lawyers have been with me thru my darkest moments and have always had my back ever since the day that I came to them for help. They have always been patient with me and have always been honest and straight with me. When you find yourself in a tight spot and your back is against the wall, you will want these guys (LGTON Law) to be on your side.

– Vincent Berdan, Banker

LGTON brand of service is exceptional! It is beyond transactional and delivery of requirements. The firm provides a sense of assurance– like a family member, they stand by you whenever and however all the time until you know you are alright.

– Paquito G. Roque, Entrepreneur

Atty. Dado has been our trusted legal advisor for over a decade. Apart from being instrumental in the company’s founding in 2010, he continues to provide us strategic guidance in areas of privacy, copyright, contracts, corporate structure, and other matters that enable us to grow the right way.

In complex areas, he continuously guides us by deconstructing the thinking, without washing down the important details. He provides us visibility on the intent of the law and its implications, empowering us to make the right business decisions year on year.

Having a strategic and ethical legal partner is critical to every business, his work with our company goes beyond the minimum. We look forward to growing and reaching higher heights with Atty. Dado.

– JC Valenzuela, Co-Founder and CEO, Propel Manila

We always felt that Jayjay’s team has their bases covered. There’s already so much we have to worry about in our own business that having Jayjay’s team there just made us comfortable enough to focus on the work we do knowing they have our backs.

– Jericson Co, Co-owner, Curator Coffee and Cocktails Inc.

Atty. Norman saw us through a lot of business challenges. He’s very responsive and quick to take action and provide us legal advise and legal remedies. He’s very easy to deal with and it’s been a pleasure working with him.

– Agnes Ballesteros-Lopez, General Manager, Belo Medical Group

LGTON LAW was instrumental in helping us incorporate our publishing company back in 2013, and we have enjoyed working with Atty. Jayjay Onrubia-Puno ever since. Her professionalism and experience have proved invaluable to us, and we appreciate knowing that we can count not just on her legal advice but on her friendship, as well.

– Elizabeth Chan-Parpan, Treasurer, New Leaf Multimedia Outsourcing, Inc.

My experience with LGTON has been exceptional. Both results and service were beyond expectations. The professional pieces of advice given are always rooted on values with pragmatic solutions. One can count on a well balanced approach from this team of very capable and experienced specialists.

– Evangeline Angeles Bugayong, Entrepreneur

The secret to our family’s peaceful relationship is LGTON Law. Okay, an exaggeration, but not too much. Whether it has been for estate planning or the administration of family corporations, LGTON has been the source of organization, reason and sanity. They take the time to understand our family’s situation as a whole, as well as each individual’s needs, and they counsel accordingly. Sometimes, their advice can be difficult to hear, but I take it as a sign of fair legal counsel. Atty. Jayjay and Atty. Sean are always responsive to last minute panic requests that it is hard to believe they have their own full lives away from their gadgets.

– Anita S. Payumo

Norman is a passionate and driven lawyer. He thinks out of the box and presents creative solutions to difficult situations.

– Rena M. Rico-Pamfilo, Chief Legal Counsel, Seawood Resources, Inc.