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"If you can resolve the issue without a need of a lawyer, better for you."


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Bot earned his Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies degree in 1994 at the Ateneo de Manila University where he also obtained his Juris Doctor with Second Honors in 1998.

Bot’s litigation practice started with his stint as an Associate at Carpio Villaraza & Cruz Law Offices. He later founded Lim & Leynes, where he practiced litigation, corporate, commercial, and election laws.

In 2011, Bot accepted his appointment as Acting Commissioner of the Commission on  Elections (COMELEC). Bot ushered various significant electoral reforms, particularly in the field of campaign finance. He also successfully introduced and implemented innovations in the management of the 2016 National and Local Elections resulting in record-breaking achievements, making COMELEC a forerunner in automated elections in Asia. Bot served COMELEC until 2018, retiring as acting Chairman and returning to private practice as managing partner of Lim Leynes Lozada-Marquez Law Offices.

His invaluable experience as COMELEC commissioner significantly enriches the LGTON LAW’s practice areas involving elected and appointed public officials.


What made you decide to be a lawyer?
My dad wanted me to take up law school and I wanted to stay in school and continue living on an allowance.
What motivates you to be a better lawyer?
To win and see the satisfaction on my client’s face.
Describe your ideal client?
Listens to strategy.
Your favorite law:
Criminal law.
Hobby I will never give up:
Comic books.
Favorite movie:
The Godfather.
The best advice you got:
Go to law school.
Advice to people seeking the help of lawyers:
If you can resolve the issue without a need of a lawyer, better for you.