We will stand by you.
"Because people’s lives are at stake."



Norman obtained his Bachelor of Laws from Arellano University in 2003, graduating 4th in his class. He completed his Business Management degree in Ateneo de Manila University in 1998.

His early legal practice started as an associate at Martinez Vergara Gonzales & Serrano after his admission to the bar in 2004 and later, as senior associate in Puyat Jacinto & Santos.

Prior to joining the LGTON, Norman was a name partner in Paredes Garcia & Golez where he developed an extensive practice in corporate, criminal and labor litigation before the Supreme Court, Sandiganbayan, Court of Appeals, Office of the Ombudsman, trial courts and quasi-judicial agencies.

Norman is known for his dynamic and creative approaches leading to successful conclusion to the disputes. This reputation allowed him to build a strong client base including corporate companies in transportation, banking, agricultural, mining, medical and manufacturing industries, as well as individuals of prominence.

Along with two other partners, Diosdado E. Trillana and  Jayjay C. Onrubia-Puno, he is a member of the Board of Trustees of BrightHalls Children’s Foundation Inc., a foundation for abandoned children.


What made you decide to be a lawyer?
To protect my family and friends.
If you were not a lawyer what would you be?
Probably a politician.
What motivates you to be a better lawyer?
Because people’s lives are at stake.
Describe your ideal client?
An honest one.
What makes LGTON LAW different from other law firms?
None of the partners have an ego. This allows us to work well together as a team.
What is the most embarrassing that happened to you?
Getting knocked out at a kickboxing tournament.
What is your most important achievement as a lawyer?
I’ve saved lives.
Three things in your bucket list:
1) Get a black belt in Jiujitsu; 2) Compete at the World Master Jiujitsu Championship; 3) See my children graduate from college.
A positive quality about you?
Negative quality about you?
Not knowing when to give up.
Advice to people seeking the help of lawyers:
You and your lawyer are a team, and it takes teamwork to win a case.