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Kathy earned her degree in Bachelor of Arts, Public Administration from the UP National College of Public Administration and Governance, graduating with a cum laude distinction. In 2007, she completed her legal education at the  University of the Philippines College of Law and was admitted to the Philippine Bar the succeeding year and joined Lim Leynes Lozada-Marquez where she eventually became a Partner in 2016.

Kathy’s practice areas include litigation, entertainment law, civil and corporate law, including insolvency and corporate rehabilitation and data privacy, where she represents prominent individuals and corporate clients in the broadcasting, energy, and real estate industries. Kathy also has extensive experience on succession law which includes estate and financial planning, estate administration, and probate litigation, and is an expert in business process outsourcing sector handling operations and labor relations concerns.


What made you decide to be a lawyer?
I got inspired by my brother and took up Public Administration in college. After college, I thought being a lawyer was the next step.
If you were not a lawyer what would you be?
Something related to arts or travel.
What motivates you to be a better lawyer?
Being able to provide good service to the clients.
Describe your ideal client?
Someone who knows what he wants and trusts us to be able to deliver it.
What makes LGTON LAW different from other law firms?
We are focused on delivering results at the most expedient way.
The best advice you got:
Live for the moment.
A positive quality about you?
I don’t dwell on the past.
Negative quality about you?
I easily forget.
If you had a chance to change something in the world what would it be?
The concept of money.
Advice to people seeking the help of lawyers:
Find a lawyer who cares for you like a friend.