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"The need to continuously live up to the expectations of my students always motivates me to be a better lawyer."



Neekee earned his Bachelor of Laws degree from the University of the Philippines in 1999 where he also completed a course in Public Administration.

He was admitted into the Philippine Bar the following year and started his practice in the litigation department of Carpio Villaraza & Cruz Law Offices, where he was promoted to Senior Associate after three years. Immediately prior to joining LGTON Law, he was a name partner in Lim Leynes Lozada-Marquez since 2007.

Neekee is passionate about nurturing the future of the legal profession. From 2005-2006, he was the Chairman of the Committee on Legal Education of the Integrated Bar’s Makati City Chapter.

Teaching also allows Neekee to stay up to date with the developments and modern trends in law.  He was previously a faculty member at the Far Eastern University Institute of Law. And since 2010, he has been a Professional Lecturer at De La Salle University College of Law, where he also served as its Director for External Affairs and represented the University in its national and global extra-curricular activities.


If you were not a lawyer what would you be?
A teacher.
What motivates you to be a better lawyer?
The need to continuously live up to my students’ expectations.
Describe your ideal client?
One who listens to his lawyers’ advice intently, processes the information intelligently, and calls the play decisively.
My mom thinks that I am:
Able to fix anything and everything.
Describe yourself in three words:
Strong work ethic.
Who is the role model you look up to?
My Mom.
Favorite place to be?
The golf course.
Hobby you’ll never give up:
Cooking for my family.
What is the one positive thing you learned because of the pandemic?
You can never have enough time to spend with your family.
Advice to people seeking the help of lawyers:
Choose wisely, then disclose fully and truthfully.